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Youngman Coach takes part in the 58th UITP Expo, which is held in Vienna in 8-11 June. This is the largest Auto Expo in Europe, the enterprises take part in the Expo are: MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, VANHOOL (a medium, low-end coach manufacture in Germany), TEMSA (Turkey Coach Manufacturer), IRIS (Irizar in Spain), Solaris (Poland Coach Manufacturer) and so on, other participants are parts&components manufacturers, rail, light rail, public transport system consultation and other enterprises related to public transport system.

Young Man liquefied natural gas (LNG) double-decker buses had been delivered to Beijing

On November 11th, 30 units Young Man natural gas double-decker buses JNP6130GSC with LNG engines had been supplied to Beijing Public Transport Holdings, Ltd. Its the second delivery of Young Man double-decker buses to Beijing since the last 50 units order in May.

JNP6130GSC is a new double-decker bus model specially designed according to the operating conditions of city bus in China, by Young Man Bus Company itself. Adopting the international and fashionable streamline style, the appearance looks wide, luxurious and elegant. Integrated with the culture of capital, it will surely become a new moving beautiful scenery in Beijing.




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