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Youngman Coach takes part in the 58th UITP Expo, which is held in Vienna in 8-11 June. This is the largest Auto Expo in Europe, the enterprises take part in the Expo are: MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, VANHOOL (a medium, low-end coach manufacture in Germany), TEMSA (Turkey Coach Manufacturer), IRIS (Irizar in Spain), Solaris (Poland Coach Manufacturer) and so on, other participants are parts&components manufacturers, rail, light rail, public transport system consultation and other enterprises related to public transport system.

Youngman New Energy Buses Achieve New Success Once More

 As the passenger peak draws near towards the end of this year, good news has kept pouring in for Youngman which has recently got big orders for 110 new energy buses from Hangzhou Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Bus Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Haze kept hovering over China in December, moderately or seriously polluting the air of large and medium-sized cities like Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Citizens endlessly complained of continuous moderate and serious pollution. An Internet user teased, "The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but I cannot see you when I hold your hand."
As is known to all, excessive vehicle exhaust emission is the main cause of haze. Thus, new energy vehicles have become the sharp weapon to dispel haze. According to statistics, current pollutants from diesel buses roughly account for 74 percent of total pollutants from urban motor vehicles. Among Youngmans new energy bus series, plug-in pure electric city buses and new power battery city buses burn electric energy and produce no exhaust. Youngman has been committed to building eco-friendly buses for customers. Early in 2005, Youngman turned out Chinas first full-low-floor dual-source trolley bus. 100 Youngman new energy city buses interpreted the quality of green travel for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and such buses were exported to Kazakhstan in the same year.
JNP6120BEV1 plug-in electric city bus involved in the bid won by Youngman represents Youngman new energy buses. The bus innovatively uses a three-phase asynchronous AC traction motor in China, provides energy via overhead feeders in normal conditions, and uses a battery to provide energy in faulty sections or sections where overhead feeders are prohibited, thereby accomplishing off-network operation. The bus effectively extends the line of traditional trolley buses, which is driven by electric energy in the presence of electric network and is powered by battery in the absence of electric network. Incomplete charging and discharging makes batteries more durable. The bus has gone into operation on bus lines in a host of large and medium-sized cities like Beijing and Hangzhou to facilitate green travel. Youngman new energy buses directly use electric energy, feature the latest AC traction technology, and have advantages such as large traction force, steady start, zero emission, low noise, low carbon, energy conservation and low cost. According to statistics, compared to common diesel city buses, every electric bus can reduce urban exhaust emission by some 6 tons a year (300 days) if it covers 200 kilometers a day.
Since introducing advanced bus technology from NEOPLAN, Germany, Youngman has never ceased new energy R & D and has made a succession of technical achievements such as plug-in electric bus, dual-source trolley bus and hybrid bus, including 10-18m hybrid city buses and 7m-14m electric city buses. Now Youngman is promoting the development and progress of Chinese energy-conserving and new energy buses by concrete actions and endeavoring to boost the fulfillment of the "dream of green China".



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