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Youngman Coach takes part in the 58th UITP Expo, which is held in Vienna in 8-11 June. This is the largest Auto Expo in Europe, the enterprises take part in the Expo are: MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, VANHOOL (a medium, low-end coach manufacture in Germany), TEMSA (Turkey Coach Manufacturer), IRIS (Irizar in Spain), Solaris (Poland Coach Manufacturer) and so on, other participants are parts&components manufacturers, rail, light rail, public transport system consultation and other enterprises related to public transport system.

“YOUNG MAN” in Jinan Public Transport supporting National Games

Recently, news of victory came again from YOUNG MAN domestic BRT market. After biding among HuangHai Bus, Xiamen Golden Dragon, Suzhou KingLong and other seven mainstream domestic bus manufacturers, YOUNG MAN ultimately awarded the hosting of Jinan BRT buses all 60 orders. The winning bid of 18m and 12m BRT buses will serve in the coming Eleventh National Games in Jinan. This is another provision of vehicles for major sporting events services after the success in Beijing Olympic Games last year.

The cooperation between YOUNG MAN and Jinan Public Transport firstly began in the end of the year 2007. The dynamic avant-garde styling and showing of city personality of YOUNG MAN city bus has long been a scenery line of beauty in “Quancheng”. After more than one year, YOUNG MAN once again won the bid of totally 60 units. This is due to the trust and recognition from the customers to YOUNG MAN city bus quality. It is also the reflect of high quality, high stability and low fuel consumption of YOUNG MAN city bus. Reportedly, these vehicles will be spent entirely on the focus of the urban area in Jinan line operations.
Jinan Public Transport Corporation is a class of large-scale municipal state-owned enterprises with a history of 60 years. In recent years, Jinan public transport is developing rapidly. Public transportation network continues expanding and bus services are expanding, too. With the upcoming Eleventh National Games, Jinan city government puts forward higher request to city public transport image and equipment level.
YOUNGMAN luxury city bus series adopts the European popular design. The monocoque body structure and the optimization of it minimize the weight of the vehicle to ensure ride safety and reduce fuel consumption while the strength of the vehicle is the same. For the characteristics of urban city bus, the driven system has been especially optimized to make the vehicle match the engine’s economic conditions so that the vehicle can achieve a state of best economy with the same specifications requirement. This series of city bus have been put into operation in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Kunming and other major cities. Its high-quality and high-performance win the customers.



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